Destiny Chronicles Series: 

Young Adult Sci-Fiction, Fantasy Romance

 STATUS: Completed. 
BETA revising.     

Book 4 of 7 books series completed.

Straddling Earth’s human world with the magical world, Aegis, has never been easy for a witch named Nia Parris. Ever since she can remember she hasn’t been told the truth about why her family was banished with only a treaty allowing her to follow pre-determined paths in the magical city. Being teased about her non-status by witch classmates is nothing new until an alien shape shifter, a witch boy and an old witch warn her about her impending destiny.

With prophecies and unshared family history looming over her head, starting non-magical human school is a huge waste of time. Then at school, Nia, meets a girl named, Abby Reid, who appears to be a human and becomes her only friend. For the first time, Nia shares her secret that she is a witch and finds out Abby has an interesting secret of her own.

After forming a true bond, Abby is kidnapped. If Nia wants a chance at seeing her best friend again, she must test her boundaries and binds in her birth city, seek out answers to her unanswered questions, take risks and befriend the weird boy her best friend crushed on.

Words have power.

I hope my books do too, 

since they are filled with words.

D.K. Dailey

The Everlast Spring (previously Yuraliso) Series:

Fiction, Paranormal Romance


Utah Chapter Great Beginnings FINALIST 

Cal Dreamin' CA Hooker WINNER
Your Writeful Place WINNER

2015: New Orleans RWA Chapter Dixie Kane 
Sci-Fiction (3rd Place) 

2014: Writers Type 1st Chapter Q3 Finalist 

(5th Runner-up)

STATUS: Completed. 
  Querying  agents.      

2/4 books written for series.

Fun Fact: Both books written during NaNoWriMo 2013 and 2016.

The hidden African kingdom of Yuraliso protects a secret: the spring of eternal youth. Princess Ajuma, strong-willed and principled, has ordered her lover to death after he betrays Yuraliso’s secret to the outside world. She swears never to be fooled by a man again. However when a traveler named Kilayo helps Ajuma fight off attackers while outside on a hunting expedition, she wonders if she was wrong about love. After sneaking into her kingdom, Kilayo is caught and pardoned for helping Ajuma then given a chance to prove himself worthy of Yuraliso’s secret.

Searching “for a moment free of duty and full of love,” Ajuma realizes she might have to take a risk in order to change her father’s mind and her destiny. On the eve of her union day, she flees the kingdom with Kilayo as her guide to find the missing link, her friend, the only possible witness to Quali’s deception.

Naya, Alien Hunter Extraordinaire Series: Middle Grade, Sci-Fiction

 STATUS: Completed. 


Book 1 of multiple book series completed.

Naya Pritchett has a lot to deal with on the first day of school at Penn Academy for Successful Stars. She’s a minority at a mostly white school, a hot lunch program recipient, wearer of hand me down clothes and busted shoes—and in her opinion, all of that—sets her up for a roller coaster ride. First on the agenda is to try fitting in. Second thing is trying to go unnoticed so she doesn’t get teased. And the third, is making friends. 

On her way to her first class, a bully teases her. Then she gets detention and doesn’t even know what for. In detention, when the strange teacher tells the three kids including her new friend, Annabelle, the real reason they got detention, Naya can’t believe it. She is being recruited by the Special Forces Extraordinaire, an elite division of the government created to hunt down aliens. But Naya’s just a regular kid with no special powers; she isn’t even the smartest in her class.

Does Naya have what it takes to be an alien hunter? Or will bullies, school drama and her insecurities be too much fighting for her already?

Second Chance Technology

(Stand Alone): Young Adult Sci-Fiction

 STATUS: Completed. 

Lightly queried but not currently querying.

Fun Fact: Written during NaNoWriMo 2014

Tala Quintana survived death. Correction: she survived suicide, and not of her own volition. Her mom brought her back from the dead.

There are two choices now: die again or take the second chance she has been given at life. That’s what the leaders at Second Chance Technology (SCT) say, at least. That’s what they told the three they brought back to life.

With the new life her mom signed her up for before she completed suicide, Tala has become an experiment. She must live by the five established rules at the SCT Center for Well-Being, and after eighteen months in the program she must make the choice to live or die for the second time.

Pearl Passing (Stand Alone):

             African American Women's Fiction

2017: Your Writeful Place Novel Beginnings Contest -

STATUS: Completed. 



Three generations of African American women (3 part story), a grandmother, daughter and child, are bonded not only by their life experiences but by a very important pearl necklace.

In 1929, as a country girl living in Mississippi, Bethal Gramm has a lot to learn about life and love. When a chance meeting in the woods threatens to change her version of normal, she must make tough decisions to discover who she wants to be.

When Sherie Parker moves to the South to escape the expectations of who she should be, she never pictured being wooed by a White man, yet finds herself falling in love. Can she endure the ridicule of being in an interracial relationship in the 1950s?

In 1964, Grace Jiles has seen more death than most teenagers. Forced to move across country to live with her aunt due to uncontrollable circumstances, she’s thrown into rising race relations activity and must learn to adapt to a different world—and a whole different way of doing things.

Golden Dreg Boy Series:

Young Adult Sci-Fiction Romance 

2014: RWA Yellow Rose Chapter Winter Rose (2nd place)

       RWA Utah Chapter Great Beginnings (4th place) 

       RWA Chicago Windy City Four Seasons (finalist)

STATUS: Completed.

Querying publishers only.

4/6 books written for series.

(Note: Expanding world to include 2 series set in GDB World: 6 books planned, 1 book completed.)


^ ^ ^ 
Only the strong survive.

After being accused of a crime holding a death sentence, Kade Shaw, a Golden (rich) boy discovers everything he knew to be true is a lie. Thrown into the slums with Dreg (poor), he must find the truth to gain his Golden status back. Though he never meant to fall in love with a Dreg girl or find himself finally enjoying his life again, he’s determined to gain his birth right back.

Kade finds himself in the brewing war between rich and the poor and must make a choice between fighting for his Golden status or helping Dreg who he’s learned have been downtrodden and experimented on by Golden. But being Dreg means betraying his family and the Golden but it also means finding out who he really is: Golden or Dreg?