Multi-genre writer 

         trying to make a dollar

        out of fifteen cents.

                       ♥♥♥​​  ♥♥♥  ​​♥♥♥  ​​♥♥♥  ​​♥♥♥  ​​♥♥♥​​ ♥♥♥​​

              • Colorful YA sci-fi romances with dashes of quirk


        • MG realness with splices of sci-fi

              • Women's Fiction with all the feels 



D.K. Dailey

2017 - Image ©Dafina Dailey, Books image ©The American Society of Mechanical Engineers,

         D.K. Dailey is an American writer seeking publication.

She works as an advertising and marketing professional, and looks forward to the day when writing will pay the bills. As a writer of color living in Northern California, she's immersed in a tapestry of culture and history that consistently inspire her, and has helped her pen thirteen books and counting. ♥♥♥​​